Our vineyards are spread on the southern slopes of the Istrian hills on an altitude of 250 to 350 m above the pristine valley of the Dragonja river. The location and climate are ideal for the growth and development of the vine. We cultivate 60,000 vines on 15 hectares. They are planted mainly with indigenous varieties of Refosco, ​​Malvasia and Yellow Muscat, and others: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Pinot Gris. We believe that quality is born in the vineyard. Therefore, we planted the vines densely so that they would not bloom and bear too much fruit. We do not use mineral fertilizers, as the vines have to live modestly only on what the soil gives them, thus developing greater resilience and endurance. Thus, without the help of synthetic preservatives, we can produce healthy and ripe grapes. Grapes produced in this way are full of minerals that give the wine strength, vitality, and character. Such an approach toward the production of grapes and the cultivation of wine means searching coexistence with nature, respecting natural laws, discovering old knowledge, which today we call organic farming.

In 2006, we approached organic control. After three years, we received a certificate for organically produced grapes. In 2012 we also received a certificate for organically produced wine.